Release: Harry Bronson #6

When in Doubt - cover art

All the tell-tale marks erupt around Bronson. Mike, Bronson’s best friend, isn’t returning any calls. Mike’s partner is murdered and the weapon used belongs to Mike. Two stolen Egyptian statues worth $5 million find their way into Mike’s possession. Mike is determined to make quick money so he can retire now. Mike’s acquaintance with ruthless gang members and his quick rise in the chain of command in a den of questionable characters fills Bronson with fear.

All of these happenings tell Bronson Mike has gone rogue.

But deep inside, a seed of loyalty prevents Bronson from accepting the facts—facts Mike is quick to trample on. Has Mike gone rogue and will Bronson be able to help him? Bronson wants to believe in his friend, but When Doubt Creeps In …

I really like the new Bronson novel. The book is very readable with short chapters and the plot really moves along with good action. The tense situations in which the characters find themselves are well conveyed and the multiple points-of-view works flawlessly. The plot is great, full of twists and turns that I did not see coming.

M. H. Callway, Canada, Author of Windigo Fire

The chapters are very pacy, strong characters, intrigue, and goals.

Bella Ellwood-Clayton, Australia

I loved the book! It flows really well and the Reader-in-Me wants more pages to turn.

Barbara Sheridan

You’ve created great characters that have gotten under my skin.

Frances Fletcher, New York

Excellent writing, as always—very suspenseful, interesting to watch the action unfold.

Jan Matthews

I absolutely devoured the chapters. I loved the storyline and the characters really drew me in. I couldn’t make myself stop reading. I love this type of non-stop action.

Kathie Hamilton, California

The storyline immediately caught my attention. The intrigue and twists are compelling.

Janice Kahler

When Doubt Creeps In is a fun read. I wanted to keep reading more.

Kaye Forest, Texas

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Release: Harry Bronson #5

When Sandra Sechrest discovers the terrible secret about her family’s ancestors, she’s determined to right the wrongs. She seeks Bronson, a retired cop’s help. They along with Bronson’s nephew travel to a ghost town in Colorado to unearth the secrets buried there.

Suddenly Sandra, Daniel, and Bronson are thrown into a world filled with deception and danger. Bronson swears to protect the young couple at all costs, but when the house he’s at explodes, Bronson is left for dead, and Daniel and Sandra are forced to fend for themselves.

What an action-packed rush! What a wild adventure! The author incorporates incredible pacing throughout the book. As a reader, I was very much engaged.

Sarah E. Burr, New York

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Release Brush of an Angel’s Wing

Brush of an Angel's Wing - cover art

Brush of an Angel’s Wing is a collection of true inspirational stories about miracles and angels. Each will touch the soul and bring hope and peace to the mind. The book is divided into seven sections: “Angels Who Grant Wishes,” “Angels Who Gives Us Comfort,” “Angels Who Deliver Messages,” “Angels Who Help People,” “Angels Who Give Paws,” “Angels Who Are Human,” and “Beyond Angels: Miracles in Our Lives.” Each section is introduced with a work of art, followed by a poem relevant to that topic. The poignant stories that follow illustrate how angels and miracles are alive in our lives.

Each story will amaze you, comfort you, and provide you with peace of mind.

Chills on top of chills. I absolutely love the book. So much fun to read. Amazing stories!

Rhonda Rose, Texas

Author’s Note: The true, inspirational stories bathe us in hope and love as we read about others’ experiences with angels, miracles, and God, himself. I pride myself in authenticating each story as much as possible. It fills me with joy to share these wonderful stories with you. Enjoy!

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