Harry Bronson’s First Bundle

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Finally, the first three Harry Bronson mystery thriller and suspense series all together in one convenient package.

Harry Bronson Bundle cover art

Read the first in the series, Why Casey Had to Die, where a cold case and geocaching meet head to head. Follow it with When Death Intervenes, Bronson’s journey that brings him face-to-face with a string of suspects and a ruthless killer who threatens to destroy all that Bronson holds dear. Finish it with the third book, When the Past Haunts You, a book that goes beyond the simple mystery and suspense novel. It explores family relationships, bitterness, and forgiveness. If Bronson is to solve his sister’s murder and ultimately become a decent human being, he must confront yesterday’s ghosts that hound him.

All three of these police procedural novels are guaranteed to keep you glued to your seat as its many twists and turns unfold.

I couldn’t stop reading this action thriller. At the end of each chapter, I told myself that I would read one more chapter and then put the book down. After a few chapters, I didn’t bother to tell myself I would put the book down. I was hooked and couldn’t stop until I found out Why Casey Had to Die.

Gerri Balter, Uncle Hugo Mystery Newsletter

When Death Intervenes is a fast-paced detective thriller that keeps up the action down to the very last page.

Patricia Reid, MysteriesGalore.com

When the Past Haunts You is a thrilling police procedural for readers of traditional crime fiction. Settle into a comfortable reading chair and prepare for twists and turns—and lot of surprises.

Molly Weston, Meritorious Mysteries

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