Harry Bronson 7: When Danger Follows

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When Danger Follows cover art

From behind every corner danger follows. Nothing is as it seems.

Ten of Ceruti’s coveted 1870s violins are making their way into the United States where they’ll be sold underground. Bronson must find a way to stop this, but dangerous mob leaders are one step ahead of him. To complicate matters, Becky, his fourteen-year-old grandniece, goes missing.

Bronson’s search for Becky and his efforts to stop the shipment draws him into a world filled with gangs and dangerous criminals. Everywhere he and ex-partner Mike go spirals them into danger. Can Bronson and Mike find the answers and help Becky before it’s too late? Or have they reached the point of no return When Danger Follows?

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Harry Bronson, tough retired cop, believes in taking care of family – no matter what. When Danger Follows is not just a mystery to solve, but a book about relationships and how good ones prevail. The twists and turns make for an exhilarating read.

Melody Margrave – Alabama

Hayden is a natural story teller with snappy dialogue, believable characters, and intense action scenes. A must read for all.

Isabelle Zimmermann – Quebec, Canada

With its deft plotting and crisp dialogue, the latest installment in L.C. Hayden’s Bronson series will keep you turning the pages and cheering for the hero well past your bedtime.

Kate Michaelson – author of Hidden Rooms

I stayed up until 3:00 this morning reading When Danger Follows. I couldn’t put the book down. I had to finish it. I have not stayed up to read a whole book since Nichols Sparks’ “Susanne’s Diary For Nicholas.” Like the others in the series, this Bronson book is great.

Shan Giraud – Texas

When Danger Follows is another thrilling ride for Bronson and readers alike. It is filled with heart stopping moments for Bronson, his friends, family, and furry canine. Often, I had to take a deep breath before turning the page.

Mary Seifert – author of the Katie & Maverick Cozy Mysteries

When Danger Follows is the epitome of a fast-paced thriller where Bronson in his retired years is thrust into a world of danger and deception that blurs the line between good and evil. As he delves into an intricate web of secrets, Bronson discovers his deceased sister has a granddaughter, his grand niece who has been kidnapped. In a relentless pursuit to uncover the truth and find his grand niece, Bronson is taken to the darkest corners of the criminal underworld with twists and turns that makes this story suspenseful and fiery hot.

Lauren Watson

I was caught up in the story because Hayden’s use of twists and turns keeps the action and excitement going. The writing is amazing.

J. H. Jones — New York

Harry Bronson faces shocking information from his past as well as new and potentially fatal danger. This installment of the Bronson series is not to be missed.

Jerri White – Oklahoma