Harry Bronson 6: When Doubt Creeps In

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When Doubt Creeps In

All the tell-tale marks erupt around Bronson. Mike, Bronson’s best friend, isn’t returning any calls. Mike’s partner is murdered and the weapon used belongs to Mike. Two stolen Egyptian statues worth $5 million find their way into Mike’s possession. Mike is determined to make quick money so he can retire now. Mike’s acquaintance with ruthless gang members and his quick rise in the chain of command in a den of questionable characters fills Bronson with fear.

All of these happenings tell Bronson Mike has gone rogue.

But deep inside, a seed of loyalty prevents Bronson from accepting the facts—facts Mike is quick to trample on. Has Mike gone rogue and will Bronson be able to help him? Bronson wants to believe in his friend, but When Doubt Creeps In …

I absolutely devoured the chapters. I loved the storyline and the characters really drew me in. I couldn’t make myself stop reading. I love this type of non-stop action.

Kathie Hamilton, California

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