Harry Bronson 1: Why Casey Had to Die

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Why Casey Had to Die cover art

Agatha Award Finalist for Best Novel
Pennsylvania Top 40 Pick

Retired detective Harry Bronson thought he had solved his first case until, twenty years later, new evidence surfaces. Now Bronson is forced to start a journey filled with terror–one that places not only Bronson in mortal danger, but also his beloved wife, Carol. In order to save Carol, Bronson must race against time to solve a geocache puzzle. If he fails, Carol dies. But before he can even begin, Bronson must figure out Why Casey Had to die.

Hayden has created a suspenseful tale full of interesting characters that will keep readers guessing. Every twist and turn adds depth to this ell-crafted story. Fans have a new series to devour.

Lisa Kisner, Reader Views

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