Short Story: End of the Road

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What happens when you go too far?

Harry Bronson loves being a detective.

He can’t imagine a world without the job.

But what happens when he’s forced to disregard bureaucracy rules in order to solve the case? How far should he go? For Bronson, this is a decision of a lifetime—a decision that might end his career. A decision that will end his dreams.

This is one of the very short mystery stories worth reading.


Hayden’s knack for gripping the reader is undeniable.

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

What readers are saying about one of the most readable short stories online:

I absolutely fell in love with Harry Bronson. I’m in a book club and we all love the Bronson series so very much. Thank you for writing these books and the short mystery stories. Thank you, again, for giving us these short stories to read that go along with the Bronson Thriller Series.

Trinity Barnett, Pennsylvania

Settle into a comfortable reading chair and prepare for plot twists and surprises! To get an introduction to Bronson and if you like very short mysterious stories or short stories online to read, this story stands as one of most readable short stories.

Molly Weston, Meritorious Mysteries

Dear Harry Bronson Readers,

I’ve received lots of e-mails asking how and why the detective in my mystery series, Harry Bronson, got fired. Up to now, there’s been no place to send you. All you know is that between What Others Know and Why Casey Had to Die, Bronson gets fired. You wonder what happened. I’ve decided to remedy that by writing the short story, “End of the Road.” The setting takes place after Bronson leaves Las Vegas where he was vacationing and returns home to Dallas.

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