Connie Weaver: Secrets of the Tunnels

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Connie Weaver cover art

Rich and powerful, Javier de la Fuente and his son, Manny, rule El Paso. They are respected and loved. But the secrets they harbor will ruin them. They know how to protect them at all costs.

Connie, Manny’s ex, recognizes their true colors. Underneath that caring exterior, they are ruthless and evil. But since the de la Fuentes control her, they think they have nothing to fear. But Connie has had enough. She wants to take her life back and regain custody of their son.

That means exposing the de la Fuente’s cruel secrets. The trail leads Connie deep into El Paso’s tunnels–tunnels which hide a great, stolen treasure and are paved with lies, betrayal, and murder. And all Connie holds dear can vanish in a snap.

Secrets of the Tunnels is a terrific book. I love everything Hayden writes.

Shan Giraud, Texas

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