Aimee Brent 3: That Last Ghost Dance

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Finalist in the 2023 Thriller Book Award.

Kuyuidokado, Nevada’s Paiute’s chief councilman, is murdered while performing the Ghost Dance, a dance created by the Native Americans to bring peace and restore their land to the way it used to be.

Nevada reporter Aimee Brent is granted an exclusive to investigate the crime and report to the world what Kuyuidokado was really like. Aimee is eager to travel to Nixon to investigate the murder. She needs to be away from her editor/fiancé with whom she has just broken up.

Upon arriving at Nixon, Aimee finds that not everyone or everything is as it should be. She stumbles upon secrets—secrets that could lead to her death. It’s up to Aimee to unravel them before more people fall victim to the grand scheme of That Last Ghost Dance.

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Hayden has a strong sense of action and a talent for ending chapters with great cliffhangers. Her readers are in for a treat. I so enjoyed reading this.

Tammy Mathias, Pennsylvania

Hayden certainly knows how to take the reader on a roller-coaster ride with plenty of suspense and surprises. Also, nice tension in the romance department. A twist around every corner.

Mary R., Montana

It’s amazing how Hayden packs so many reversals into this fast-paced book. She also hits the reader with many emotional beats. I really enjoyed this book.

Penny Arrow, Author of Hide Your Light

I thoroughly enjoyed the read, good story and very well crafted. I got caught up in the story and forgot my job!

Nancy Fisher, California

I can’t even begin to say how much I LOVED this book!!! I was on the edge of my seat as I read it. Great twists that I didn’t see coming. I REALLY loved every chapter.

Susane Hamilton, California

Hayden once again delivers a story for our time – a battle of wills over Native American culture and the universality of love. Characters to cheer for and a trail worth the ride. Read it.

Barbara Pronin, Author of The Miner’s Canary

The characters are well developed and I felt I got to know them. The plot had twists.

Marti Jentis, Texas

I really enjoyed reading the book!

Jenifer Hall, Texas